Bridging the gap Between Research And Cure in Rare Gynaecological Cancers: Where do we Stand?

GYNOCARE COST Action (CA18117) is a European network for Gynaecological Rare Cancer research: From Concept to Cure. It aims to develop new approaches to improve the diagnosis and treatment of rare gynaecological cancers (RGCs). For this purpose, GYNOCARE intends to create a unique network between key stakeholders covering distinct domains from bench to bedside in the field of RGCs. This two day conference will cover the various important aspects relevant to RGCs. The current state of the art, and even beyond the state of the art, in the field of basic and translational research in RGCs, will be presented. Ongoing and future innovative clinical trials for RGCs will be discussed with the aim of designing personalized cure. The basis of and advances in pathological diagnosis of RGCs will be outlined. The ultimate aim is to bridge the gap between industry and biotechnology companies and translational research in RGCs, to overcome challenges in this area.


11 ORE

17 febbraio 2023 18 febbraio 2023
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